High-Quality Refurbished Gas Tanks

A Trusted Company for Refurbished Tanks 

With DI Services, you don't have to worry about the safety and quality of our refurbished tanks. Rest assured knowing that all the old gas tanks brought to our facility go through a thorough refurbishing procedure to ensure that they are safe for use.

Our refurbished tanks are media blasted for quality testing. The final output is a like-new gas tank that is completely tested for safety.

Unlike other companies that simply polish the existing hardware and give it a paint job, all our tanks are powder coated and sent through an oven to melt the paint on. No other company goes inside the tanks. 

Learn About Our Systematic Process Followed to Give You Top-Of-The-Line Refurbished Tanks

  1. Get rid of all the old rust and grime on the tanks 
  2. Take it to the bear metal, check the valves, and check the thickness of the steel
  3. Go through the inside of the tanks, the data plates, and make sure your tank is below 25% damaged condition - something no other company does
  4. Get rid of moisture and debris damage within our tanks
  5. Replace 100% of all the hardware units, including the gauges
  6. Check for pressure leaks and vacuum purge to ensure there is no air in the tank
Refurbished and new tanks have a minimum of 1-year WARRANTY.
Call 937-295-3664 for more details.

We provide doorstep delivery of our products. You can ask for same-day or next-day delivery.

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