Top-Quality New and Used Gas Tanks

Long-Lasting New and Used LP Tanks

Count on DI Services to provide you with a new or used gas tank. The gas tanks that have come out of service and are ready to use are known as used tanks. Typically, used tanks have the original hardware and need some repainting job to be done.

With us, what you see is what you get. Schedule a doorstep delivery or pickup of your gas tank.

Check Out the Average Prices of the Gas Tanks in Our Stock

  • 1000 Gal - $1500
  • 500 Gal - $750
  • 250 Gal - $475
  • 120 Gal - $350
Note that the prices are subject to change. Call us for further inquiries.
Refurbished and new tanks have a minimum of 1-year WARRANTY.
Call 937-295-3664 for more details.

We can cater to your urgent requirement of a new or used tank. Call us for our emergency services.

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