A Full Range of Services for Gas Tanks

Hassle-Free Gas Tank Repair and Maintenance Services

Whether you need emergency repair or regular maintenance services for your gas tank, we have you covered. We recommend that you replace your tank regulators every 15 - 20 years. Also, every 20 - 25 years, you should vacate your tank. And while it's empty, replace the pressure relief valve, gaskets, and rubber or spring components. 

We understand it's a difficult job. That is when you can rely on the efficient staff at DI Services to provide you with customized solutions for your gas tank problems. Contact us today for an appointment.

Try these suggestions to maintain your tanks:

  • Keep it clean and painted to protect it from rusting
  • Wash it every spring and fall to get off mold and mildew
  • Touch-up any stone chips that are on it
  • Keep your data plates clear coated
  • Never run your tank under 5%
  • Replace all your regulators as needed
  • Replace pressure relief valve, gaskets or rubber and spring units on gas tanks
  • Keep dust caps on everything that has them
Refurbished and new tanks have a minimum of 1-year WARRANTY.
Call 937-295-3664 for more details.

We can provide emergency gas tank repair services at competitive prices.

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